[News] Lee Min Ho is in good shape, “I want to lean on your shoulder”.

[News] Lee Min Ho is in good shape, “I want to lean on your shoulder”. 
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Actor Lee Min Ho surprised his fans by showing off his firm figure.

Lee, who will play the role of a guard named Choi Young in SBS’s series Faith, which will air in August, is getting a lot of attention thanks to his muscular physique.

In the pictures, which were released on May 8, he is telling people that he worked hard on his body for the show by showing off his strong muscles.

As a result, Lee looks more manly and mature than ever. He is also showing off his trendy fashion sense by wearing a knit shirt and a backpack.

He is covering his eye with his hair and looks like a mystery cartoon character.

People responded: “I can tell that Lee tried hard.” “He grew up more.” “Lee has shoulders like a general! I’m surprised at him!” “General, I want to lean on your shoulder.” “I can’t wait to see him in the action scenes for the series.”

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