[News] Video of Show Luo flaring up circulated online.

[News] Video of Show Luo flaring up circulated online.
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The singer was caught on camera shouting after he was provoked at the Shanghai airport.

How would you respond if vulgarities were hurled at you when you step off a plane?

Singer Show Luo flared up and charged angrily at three to four men who pointed their middle fingers at him and called him names, after he arrived at the airport in Shanghai. The singer shouted, "Come over here, what are you pointing at?". The confrontation was caught n camera and a part of the footage was circulated on the Internet.

The men involved are believed to be Jay Chou's fans. After Show kissed his mother at his concert, netizens, speculated to be Jay's fans, dubbed his action incestuous and called him names, leading to the two singers' fans to have a heated clash online.

Show's manager expressed that the uploaded clip painted a bad picture of Show as it did not show the entire incident. He added that Show decided to let the matter rest after the guys apologised to him.
As the 32-year-old arrived in Shanghai on the same flight as Jay, it was once again suspected that Jay's fans were behind the incident.

Responding to this speculation, the singer expressed that he "believes that it's not done by Jay's fans as Jay's fans have integrity."

Show also expressed that should there be any criticism, "please only direct them to me. Please do not insult my mother, that's my bottom-line. Please put yourself in my shoes." The singer then ended his response with an apology, hoping that the issue will die down soon.

The singer's manager had also expressed that Show and Jay had boarded the same car at Shanghai airport and that there was no grudge between the pair.

Jay's management commented that they believe that "it is not done by Jay's fans as Jay's fans are very kind." They also expressed their wish for fans of both singers to quit fighting.

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