[News] Kim Myung-min's new thriller "Deranged" to hit theaters on July 5.

[News] Kim Myung-min's new thriller "Deranged" to hit theaters on July 5.
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A thriller movie starring top Korean actor Kim Myung-min is scheduled to make its way to the local audiences this summer, according to the film's production company CJ Entertainment.

CJ announced today that Kim's psychological thriller titled, "Deranged," also co-starring Shinhwa member Kim Dong-wan and actresses Moon Jung-hee and Lee Honey, will make its premiere in local theaters on July 5.

"Deranged," written and directed by Park Jung-woo of "Kick the Moon," "Jail Breaker" and "Big Bang," tells the story of a pharmaceutical salesman named Jae-hyuk, who tries to figure out the cause of mysterious drowning incidents happening all over the country.

Jae-hyuk later suspects his family is showing symptoms like the victims who have already died from drowning, and through his brother, who is a detective (played by Kim Dong-wan), he learns about the parasites that caused the nationwide chaos.

Kim, one of the most sought-out actors in Korea, has appeared in a number of movies and dramas including "Closer to Heaven" (2009), "Detective K" (2011) "The Immortal Lee Soon Shin" (KBS, 2004) and "Beethoven Virus" (MBC, 2008).

He last starred as a marathon runner in the heartwarming pic "Pace Maker" opposite actor Ahn Sung-ki and actress Ara.

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