[News] MBC's "The King 2Hearts" sold to Japan and Hong Kong.

[News] MBC's "The King 2Hearts" sold to Japan and Hong Kong.
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Korean singer and actor Lee Seung-gi and actress Ha Ji-won's TV series has caught the eyes of several international distributors overseas.

An official with MBC told 10Asia over the phone on Thursday that Lee and Ha's drama "The King 2Hearts" was sold to distributors in Japan and in Hong Kong.

"Many broadcasters showed their interest for 'The King 2Hearts' during Hong Kong International Film & TV Market which took place in Hong Kong two months ago,” the rep explained, adding that it was sold to Hong Kong at a high price.

The official noted that the show was also purchased by distributors in Japan and it will begin its run in August.

Starring Lee and Ha, "The King" has been drawing the romance of the two unlikely characters that came from South and North Korea.

The fantasy drama bravely took on tough issues, starting with drawing the tragedy of a divided nation, the Korean peninsula, and left a literary message that evil gets punished and good will be rewarded.

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