[News] Past photos of Daniel Choi and So Ji Sub receive attention.

[News] Past photos of Daniel Choi and So Ji Sub receive attention.
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Thanks to recent broadcasts of SBS‘ ‘Good Morning‘, past photos of actors Daniel Choi (top) and So Ji Sub (bottom) have become a hot topic online.

The June 11th episode of ‘Good Morning’ revealed details of Daniel Choi’s school days. His third year middle school homeroom teacher Oh Sae Chang remarked, “[Daniel] was a very quiet, well-behaved student. At the end of the day, no matter what I said, he would just smile.”

The actor’s past photos showed that he’s been blessed with his handsome look, distinct facial features, and tall height since his middle school days.

On June 18th, the crew of SBS’ ‘Good Morning’ visited So Ji Sub’s middle school and revealed his graduation picture. As was the case with Daniel Choi, So Ji Sub is once again gathering attention as he looked just as charismatic and handsome in his youth as he is now.

Both actors are starring in the drama ‘Phantom‘, and viewers couldn’t help but compare the two.

They commented, “Both So Ji Sub and Daniel Choi’s past photos look cool,” “The battle between the fans of So Gan Ji (So Ji Sub’s nickname) and Daniel Choi begins,” and “As expected, the two handsome men are just different.”

Which actor would you rather have gone to school with?

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