[News] Tony Leung is unaffected by rumors about Carina Lau.

[News] Tony Leung is unaffected by rumors about Carina Lau.
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The Hong Kong actor attended the Shanghai Film Festival and graciously answers questions about his wife.

Tony Leung graced the 15th Shanghai Film festival as a member of his latest movie The Silent War. He walked the red carpet with his fellow cast and crew, including director Alan Mak and scriptwriter Felix Chong.

In The Silent War, Tony stars as a blind character with an acute sense of hearing. His leading lady, Taiwanese Mavis Fan, plays his on-screen wife. His character has an affair with a female spy portrayed by actress Jue Zhou.

At the press conference, Tony commented wryly that "It's not just me; regardless of what he's like, every man will experience the difficult task of resisting a pretty face."

When questioned by media if he felt unhappy upon hearing that Carina was photographed heading out to sea with mainland billionaire Jing Baifu, he gamely replied "Is there reason for me to be unhappy?"
When probed further about her not visiting him in Shanghai, where he is currently recording, he in turn questioned the reporter with a smile, "Why must she come to Shanghai?"

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