[News] Rain’s "R2B: Return to Base" presold to 30 countries.

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Rain’s action film “R2B: Return to Base” has garnered enormous attention from foreign film buyers, being sold to 30 countries before it opens in local theaters.

CJ Entertainment, the movie’s domestic distribution company said in press release Tuesday that the film has been presold to foreign buyers from 30 different countries including Asian and European countries.

The firm explained that due to Rain’s popularity in the regions that they have struck up deals early on with Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

European buyers are also set to release the film in England, France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, while expressing their surprise in the action sequences that were shot in high altitude just like Hollywood blockbusters.

To meet the high expectations from overseas countries, CJ will hold a special Asian screening at a theater in Seoul on August 14, where they will invite 2,000 Asian fans to enjoy the film that will be subtitled in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The action pic, co-starring actor Yoo Jun-sang of “My Husband Got a Family” (KBS, 2012) and actress Shin Se-gyeong, tells the story of the life, love and comradeship of fighter pilots amid a risky situation in Korea.

Rain's long-awaited film will open in local theaters on August 15.

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