[News] Jang Keun-suk is Gyarusang "Geun Gyaru".

[News] Jang Keun-suk is Gyarusang "Geun Gyaru".
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Actor Jang Keun-suk revealed his girlfriend (?).

He posted on Twitter on the 10th, "Hello I am Geun-jjang's girlfriend called Geun Gyaru".

In the picture Jang Keun-suk is wearing heavy make up. This is a make up character from the KBS 2TV program "Gag Concert" that is very popular these days.

Jang Keun-suk wore heavy eye liner and smokey eye make up to emphasize his eyes and the while powder all around them which is the highlight of a 'Gyarusang' make up. He is wearing a long-hair wig, a headband with a huge ribbon and did nail art on his nails.

A friend of his posted, "Who did the make up? Exaggerate it more!" and Jang Keun-suk replied, "This is the high quality Gyarusang make up! I bought this at Don Quixote!"

Netizens say, "I wonder what he's thinking", "He's pretty", "He's prettier than me, a girl, with make up" and more.

Meanwhile, Gyaru means 'girl' in Japanese and is used as a way to describe a girl with peculiar make up.

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