[News] Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona portray lovers in friendly poses.

[News] Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona portray lovers in friendly poses.
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Some snapshots from a TV commercial of Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona were recently released.

Currently working for an outdoor clothing brand as models, Lee and Yoona show off their great looks in the TV commercial, which was shot under the concept of Progressive Outdoor.

In the snapshots, Lee and Yoona are trying to overcome such changeable weathers as rain, wind, and the cold. They’re also climbing a mountain and running fast. The scenes are very spectacular that they’re almost like those from a blockbuster film.

This TV commercial was filmed near Queenstown in New Zealand. The area around the ice lake in the Clark Mountains was shot by the clothing brand Eider for the first time.

During the shoot, Lee showed off romantic look and pose in the rain and his physical strength by jumping over a wooden column, which was as high as his waist.

Yoona portrayed a girl who enjoys adventures and showed off a pretty look in such harsh conditions.

Lee and Yoona perfectly portrayed lovers in the commercial, showing off their perfect teamwork. They had a conversation in front of a tent, having a bonfire, and also created a friendly atmosphere by pleasantly participating in the shoot.

People responded: “Lee Min Ho and Yoona are so good-looking.” “Lee Min Ho and Yoona are the best.” “Lee Min Ho and Yoona look good together.” “I’m afraid that Lee Min Ho and Yoona will fall in love.”

The TV commercial of Lee and Yoona will be released on national and cable TV channels on September 15.

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