[News] MBC to produce ‘Jewel in the Palace’ sequel next year.

[News] MBC to produce ‘Jewel in the Palace’ sequel next year.

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MBC has revealed its plan it to produce a sequel to the hit Hallyu drama, ‘Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)‘.

According to MBC, President Kim Jae Chul recently visited Chinese Hunan Satellite Broadcast center to discuss a broadcast cooperation for next year’s ‘Jewel in the Palace 2‘.

After airing ‘Jewel in the Palace’ in 2005 in China, Hunan TV strongly expressed their wish for an advanced purchase and investment for ‘Jewel in the Palace 2′. Kim Jae Chul revealed that he will be making negotiations with Hunan TV concerning ‘Jewel in the Palace 2′.

‘Jewel in the Palace’ has aired in a total of 87 countries, including those in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Achieving a domestic rating of 80%, MBC has earned 12 billion won from broadcast rights.

There is not yet any details about potential cast members, directors, or writers.

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