[News] Park Sin-hye's 4 smiles before Chuseok.

[News] Park Sin-hye's 4 smiles before Chuseok. 
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Park Sin-hye smiled 4 smiles for her fans. Park Sin-hye was seen for the first time in a while as she is currently taking on the role of Ye-seung, a law student, in the movie "December 23rd". "December 23rd" is a story between a father and daughter and has both tears and laughter.

It's a human comedy very much like "I Am Sam" and all well known actors and actresses are supposed to be in it. Park Sin-hye takes on the role of Ye-seung, daughter to Yong-gu (Ryu Seung-yong). In the picture, Park is wearing a neat and slim formal outfit like the law student that she is and is showing skin so clear.

If she had been a bright and bubbly girl in her past projects, this time she is slightly more mature and bold. Park Sin-hye prepared for the character by actually meeting with a law student and learning what it's like to study the law. The staff of the drama had a hard time creating a winter back ground in the middle of summer.

Park Sin-hye's agency 4HIM Entertainment claimed, "Park Sin-hye was favorite amongst everyone on set as she was the one and only girl there". Meanwhile, Park Sin-hye is going to help her mother make food and spend time with her family during Chuseok.

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