[News] So Ji-sub reveals difficulties of keeping acting profession.

[News] So Ji-sub reveals difficulties of keeping acting profession.
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Korean actor So Ji-sub has spoken about the difficulties of keeping his job as an actor and even considered to quit the job, like he does in his upcoming action pic “A Company Man.”

At the film’s press conference held at the Megabox movie theater in Dongdaemun, Seoul on September 12, the fashionable actor opened up his sharp insight into being an actor.

“I think about it [quitting the job] all the time because it is so painful before and after filming one movie," he said, responding to a question asking whether he would like to quit his job like the character in the movie.

"Actors have a lot to do, and a lot to know. But they live a secluded life. I have kept acting because I love it, but sometimes I think that I want to escape from it,” So answered.

However, the “Phantom” star did not hesitate at all when showing the affection for his new feature.

“It took me only five hours after starting to read the script to decide taking the role. And that was the shortest time ever in my acting career. I liked the unusual setting because it doesn’t extend image of killers way too dark or way too cool. The characters inside the story work just like regular business man and that's what I liked about it,” So explained with confidence.

In the action-packed flick, So portrays a hit man named Ji Hyung-do, who has spent ten years with a group of contract killers that cover themselves as the employees of a metal producing firm.

So's character decides to quit his job after being influenced by his junior worker La-hoon's [played by ZE:A member Kim Dong-jun], enjoying the ordinary life with his family, but the company doesn't let him quit.

Co-starring veteran actors Kwak Do-won, Lee Gyeong-yeong, and actress Lee Mi-yeon, the killer flick will open in local theaters on October 18.

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