[VOD & News] "The Horse Doctor" MBC's new drama will be air Tomorrow.

[VOD & News] "The Horse Doctor" MBC's new drama will be air Tomorrow.
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'The Horse Doctor' (Hangul:마의 Maeui) is a 2012 South Korean television series, Korean title 마의 "Maui" is a term used during the Joseon Period to describe a veterinarian.This drama about a medical drama about the life of a low-class veterinarian of that era who was a horse doctor then becoming a high official as a court physician in charge of the king's health in the late period of the Joseon Dynasty.

The historical drama is directed by Lee Byung-hoon, known for his previous works Hur Jun, Jewel in the Palace, Yi San and Dong Yi. This is film and stage actor Jo Seung-woo's first television drama in his 13-year acting career.

Jo Seung-woo will cast on Baek Kwang-hyun, a person born to the lowest class who starts as a horse healer, becomes a renowned veterinarian, and then eventually rises to the position of royal doctor.

Lee Yo-won cast on Kang Ji-nyung, his love interest. She lives an unpredictable carefree life, and takes an interest in the study of medicine, eventually becoming a doctor who treats the common people. Her character is described as a very progressive woman in the Joseon era. Lee said herself that the character is like a cross between her characters in Queen Seon-deok and Surgeon Bong Dal-hee.

'The Horse Doctor' Director by Lee Byung-Hoon & screen writer by Kim Yi-Young previously worked together in the 2010 MBC period drama "Dong Yi" and the 2007 MBC period drama "Lee San, Wind of the Palace", staff & cast of "Horse Doctor" visited an oriental hospital in Bundang, South Korea on July 27, 2012. The visit lasted for more than 2 hours and the staff & cast received training on oriental medicine and acupuncture.

"The Horse Doctor" takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55, First episode airing on 1 Oct. 2012, time slot previously occupied by "Golden Time".

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