[Watch TV Online & Review] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Episode. 23

[Watch TV Online ] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Ep. 23

[Eng. Review] 'Faith  - The Great Doctor Episode 23 Recap... by... redpinkboxes

Begins with a recap from last week’s episode.
Eunsoo cries, holding his hand..
She wets a cloth, and does a check up for him…
She then massages him… She says even though she can’t do a check up, she thinks it’s not his hand that is the problem, it’s his heart…
He holds her hand, and gets her to sit down.
He talks about her and the time left…
He says: “Do you remember asking me, If you leave, will I be fine??”
He says, “I’ll be fine, I’ll live well, eating well..” He says he won’t think of her after a while of getting used to it… “So, go back… After a while, you’ll be fine as well, I believe.”
She says, “Even if I go back, I don’t think I will be fine… “
She says she will try and find… a way to come and find him, and if she can’t she will be living like some crazy person…
He tells her to tell him she’ll be fine..
He talks about the time left…
The royal army is in action, looking for DH.
Young is in a discussion with the King, with Woodalchis..
Woodalchi moves away..
Young then tells GM, he thinks he’s following the steps of his master.
GM asks what he means… He says about the sword and his master.
GM recaps to Young dropping the sword in front of him.
Young then says about how he’s gonna send Eunsoo back..
GM says to follow what he said, spend the remaining time with Eunsoo.
GM also tells Young that he will continue to wait for Young…
Young goes back to talk to Woodalchi, with Eunsoo.
He then calls all of their names, getting their reply. He calls Yoo Eunsoo..
And then they all start to move..
They all begin checking the whole room, and Eunsoo searches vigorously, but Young says its not there. He calls Eunsoo out with him, and Woodalchi smiles over that again.
They walk in the place, and Eunsoo starts to remember all the times here.
When she held Young, saying she thought he died, and that she was relieved that he lived, back then.
Young asks, saying she said she liked it here?
She then talks about how she liked the food here, and everything she liked here…
And then she describes how she liked his warrior’s suit… He asks if she likes anything else..
She says in her heart, and that voice (Young’s voice)
She asks about what he likes?
And he holds on to her.
However, he sees a guy nearby, and tells Dolbae to guard Eunsoo, while he chases the guy.
He catches up with the guy, and asks if KC sent him.. However the guy escapes.
He rushes back to ensure Eunsoo is safe, and he sees Eunsoo talking with Woodalchi.
He then tells CS to do something, and CS wonders why Young isn’t going with them.
Young says his busy, and holds Eunsoo, walking away with her.
KC is talking with his “brother guy”… while Hwasooin comes in, saying she knows where ES is.
Young takes Eunsoo’s suit off, and says KC knows where she is now.
He says they should go out and play.
She’s shocked, and he says he’ll go and buy her clothes and everything. She asks if he has money, he says yes..
She giggles, thinking about how they can go out and play..
She asks when, and he says soon.
He looks at the antidote, and she tells him to just wait, thinking positively that the antidote will work out well.
GM is looking at a scroll, and he sees Lady choi talking to NG..
NG talks about ES and Young, and how they don’t have much time left…
GM says about how he is worried about Young after ES leaves… about his heart.
He says ES is not any normal girl to CY, he says… after ES came, Young looked at him right in the eye, saying how different a person Young became after ES came into his life… So he’s worried about Young and how he’ll be after ES leaves.
Hwasooin talks to KC about Young … asking if she should kill Young
KC says about how he cannot wait, so they have to go into the palace. Eumja says it’s gonna be hard, but he says they’ll do it, no matter how.
Deokki was arranging the stuff in the medical hall, and finds a book, about the poison and antidote I think..
Deokki rushes to find Eunsoo with the book…
Deokki tries to explain what she wants to say, but Eunsoo says she doesn’t understand the hanja in the book.

They find Lady choi, and she reads the book and tells Eunsoo…
However, Lady choi closes the book after a while, and says it’s not about the antidote…
Lady choi talks about how its dangerous.. But Eunsoo says about Young and sword, and she says how she’s afraid about what will happen after this.
Young is in his room, looking at his sword, and he recalls his conversion with Eunsoo, and how he went about how his sword might be heavy.
He turns to the antidote, and he walks further into the room… Eunsoo is sleeping, and he covers her properly with the blanket. He looks at her paper, that counts down to the day where the door opens..
He sits down beside her, and looks at her. He then touches her forehead to check her temperature, comparing it with his. He then brushes her hair, looking at her.. *sobs*
Solemnly, he looks.
Woodalchi is practicing in the night, and CS and Y looks at them practicing.
Young talks to CS… *stream buffers*
Young talks to Dolbae, and Daeman comes running to Young.
Young goes to the palace area, where KC, EJ and HIS is… They’re trying to get in.
Young grips his hand…
KC tells him to let him see ES.
KC threatens with how strong Eumja and Hwasooin are… and Young looks back at the powerless Woodalchi without powers.
Deokman comes to find Eunsoo, telling her about the Queen and King.
Young butts in, and tells ES, if you’re not happy with it(meeting KC), then tell me.
He tells her how KC wants to see her..
He goes into the jail with ES, and finds KC… He asks ES if she’ll be fine, she says as long as he’ll be by her side.
Y tells KC, in the jail, that ES is here.
She goes in with Young, watching him in the jail.
KC says you know how much effort I had to use to find you?
She says she knows, and that’s why Jang died…
He then says he has some heart sickness…
And KC asks her, are you not from heaven?
She says she’s not..
He gets angry, and asks then where is she from?
She says, she’s from the world of tomorrow.. a world, 600 years from now…
KC asks, if he goes there, can he be cured of his illness?
She asks about his illness… And he goes on about how his heart is ill…
She says if it’s that, it might be hard to cure in her world…
She talks about how many people there are in her world, starving and all.
He asks how is that possible..
Lady choi is walking outside, with NG..
They come to GM, and NG smiles at him from a far.
She sits in front of GM, and GM sits down at the table… And he begins to draw a portrait of her.
She smiles while he draws, and everyone around, Dolbae, Dochi, Lady choi and everyone else smiles.
Eunsoo and Young are walking together, and Young tries to hold her hand, but she resists…
He finally grabs hold of it, and realizes that its hot. He touches her head, and says she has a fever.
He asks about it, and she says since this morning, it got hot..
He talks about how she’ll die with 7 days after she has a fever..
She tells him to stay calm and she explains to him what he should do..
She tells him to stay calm and be in peace, for when he is in peace, she can be at peace as well.

He agrees, and he hugs her… *sobs*
They walk together again, and she holds him back, seeing GM drawing NG from a far..
They look at the royal couple… and GM realizes that they were nearby, and NG as well, and the two couples greet each other and smile… *sobs* This is so pretty.
He finishes drawing NG, and he sits down to talk to Young…
Young goes about how he won’t think about all the politics now, because he wants to be comfortable and at peace, for Eunsoo requested him to do so..
Eunsoo, NG and Lady Choi are looking at the drawing together..
NG then tells ES that Young keeps looking over at her.
NG asks about Eunsoo’s love…
ES says how he doesn’t like to learn heaven’s language…
She then calls all of them, NG, Lady Choi, and Dochi…. Telling them to go over to CY and Dochi..
She says she just wants to see them together once, so that she can keep it in her memory.
They all stand together, with Eunsoo looking from a far… They try to smile for her, and she looks at CY, who wasn’t smiling, and signals for him to smile… And he smiles.
KC is talking in jail, asking Eumja if he can hear… he says about the King’s interrogation and all… Eumja is listening. KC says he will be with the King.
 Eunsoo is making her antidote with Deokki, and Deokman brings in some poison for her to use..
She looks at it..
CY comes back, and asks DM where Eunsoo is..
He leads CY to Eunsoo.
Eunsoo is still working with Deokki.
Lady choi and Young realizes she’s using the poison.
She says this is what she has to do today, and she needs his help.
He asks, you’re gonna use the poison to try to heal yourself?
She says she’s not sure if it’ll work…
Young gets angry, and takes out the paper about how many days there are left..
He says what if she eats the poison, and thinks doesn’t go well, she won’t even make it in time for the door to open.. and he won’t be able to do anything about it..
She opens her bandage, and prepares to start what she wants to do..
He turns away, saying how does she put up an “I’m fine” front when things are like that?
She then assures him, saying she’s fine, and everything will go well.
He turns back to look at her, and she smiles, with tears in her eyes.
CS asks Deokki how ES is, and he tries to understand her..
CS then asks DM to open the door, and Deokki brings the poison in…
ES tells Lady choi about what might happen to her after using the poison, and tells her what she should do for ES.
Young hears it, and says he will be the one doing it, he’ll be by her side.
They sit alone in the room, and Eunsoo pours the poison for her to drink…
He holds her wrist, but she holds his back.
She then drinks it, and she starts to breathe heavily. He touches her face… and she smiles to him.
They then recap to their moments together, about how she first touched his face… and how he tried to touch her hair back then, and her silhouette… and how they looked at each other at the manbo siblings place, and how she called him over to her…
Back to now, Young combs her hair, and she starts to feel pain, and he holds on to her, hugging her tightly…

................End Episode 23.....................

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