[News] “The Innocent Man” Puts On 3rd Crown, New SBS Series Fails to Grab Attention.

[News] “The Innocent Man” Puts On 3rd Crown, New SBS Series Fails to Grab Attention.
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KBS’ series “The Innocent Man” has reigned atop the Wednesday and Thursday TV ratings chart, while new SBS’ drama “The Great Seer” saw lower-than-expected numbers.

The melodrama nabbed the biggest number of audiences for third straight weeks during the second week of October, after attracting an average 16 percent of total viewers, TNmS’ [Total National Multimedia Statistics] data showed Friday.

The Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won starrer goes around Kang Ma-roo’s [played by Song] desperate fate which transform himself into bad guy who does not believe anyone but his sick sister Kang Choco [played by Lee Yu-bi].

The chart-runner of last two nights were MBC’s “Tale of Arang,” starring Lee Joon-gi and Shin Mina, which saw an average of 13.2 ratings in the same time frame.

The historical fantasy series only left one more week to see its grand finale of district magistrate Eun-oh [Lee] and female ghost Arang’s [Shin] hopeless love.

SBS’ new costume drama “The Great Seer” [tentative title] took the last and least position with 6.9 percent of the audience who tuned in to see a bunch of Korean veteran actors.

Starring Ji Sung, Ji Jin-hee, Song Chang-eui, Kim So-yeon and Lee Yoon-ji, the faction drama centers around great seers who fight each other as well as team up to establish Joseon Dynasty, putting up the country’s first king Yi Seong-gye [Ji].

Meanwhile, AGB Nielson's data showed slightly different figures in same order with the TNmS' during the same time frame.

While "The Innocent Man" grabbed the top seed with ratings of 15.1 percent, “Tale of Arang” and ”The Great Seer” followed next, each with 12 and 6.7 percent.

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