[News] Is Lee Min Ho of Faith the worst choice for a husband?

[News] Is Lee Min Ho of Faith the worst choice for a husband?
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Lee Min Ho of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith is receiving considerable attention from many female fans. Some people, however, are saying that his character in the series is the worst choice for a husband.

The first reason is because he doesn’t know when to go home or when to rest. Since he has to protect the King on the series, he always has to be around the King. He has too many people to protect other than just his wife.

Second, he is too honest and doesn’t have a sense for economy. When his house was inspected for bribery, there was not even a pot in his house.

Third, he doesn’t know women very well. He is curt and when he kisses a woman, he just gives her a sudden kiss in front of many people, even though the woman is not ready.

Fourth, he has an explosive temper. Kim Hee Sun (plays the role of Eun Soo) on the series, even said, “When you go to heaven with your temper, you will be an old man living alone.”

Fifth, he is too handsome and it will make his wife uncomfortable with him being around other women. Even when he turns seventy years old, he will be a handsome old man, who captures old women’s hearts.

Despite all five reasons, female fans are saying, “Is there a husband who is like Lee?” An official for the production company says, “I think Lee’s character Choi Young is popular among women because he looks heartless but sweet, curt but tough, and he is also cute like an innocent boy.”

The series, which only has four episodes left to air, airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.

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