[News] Lee Philip Exits ‘Faith’ Due to an Eye Injury.

[News] Lee Philip Exits ‘Faith’ Due to an Eye Injury.
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Actor Lee Philip has departed from SBS’ Faith.

On October 19, Faith’s producers revealed the news saying, “Lee Philip has left the production due to an eye injury. Lee Philip is currently recovering and is planning to be admitted to a hospital next week to receive surgery.”

The production added, “As shooting was difficult to be done with the injury, [Lee Philip] decided to depart. He has gone through much with us for a long time now and it is regrettable he has to leave this way. We are sad we cannot shoot together till the end.”

Lee Philip had been playing the role of Jang Bin, Goryeo Dynasty’s finest medical doctor and skilled martial arts warrior.

Lee Philip also expressed his regrets saying, “My heart is heavy to have to depart with only a few episodes left before the end. Above all, I want to express my apology to all the viewers who have loved Faith. I will work hard to quickly return in a better appearance.”

The exact cause and extent of the eye injury is unknown at this time.

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