[News] SBS Unveils Full 37-Track OST Album for ‘Faith’.

[News] SBS Unveils Full 37-Track OST Album for ‘Faith’.
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Fans of the music heard on SBS’ Faith can now listen and relive the scenes associated with them through the release of the drama’s full OST.

SBS revealed the full album on October 23 through the various online portal sites.

Already having caught the attention of many for its stellar list of singers, the full OST features a stunning 37 tracks in all.

Included among the tracks are beloved songs heard throughout the series such as Ali’s Carry On, Brown Eyed Soul Sung Hoon’s I See You, Shin Yong Jae’s Because My Walk is Slow and more.

Among the 37 tracks are 31 tracks which served as the background music (BGM) and original score music throughout the series.

The OST’s producer, Star Haus shared, “This is a special album that showcases some of Korea’s finest singers. In accordance with the wishes of fans, we’ve also included all the BGM as a gift. You will be able to experience the feeling you are watching the entire drama once more while listening.”

'Faith' Track List :

Listen for  Episode's Track List

01.Carry On
02.걸음이 느려서
03. 나쁜 사람
04. 그대를 봅니다
05. 바람의 노래
06. 그대니까
07. Faith (Main Title-Choral.Ver)
08. I Am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)
09. White Night
10. Knife Wind
11. Witchprayer
12. Worry Or Afraid
13. Missing You
14. Happy Dance
15. You & Me
16. The Dangerous Time
17. Move & Run (Original Ver.)
18. The Palace Story
19. Dancing In The Moonlight
20. Smile (Lovely Face – Eunsoo)
21. Sadness (Pf String Ver.)
22. The Blade Of Red-Moon
23. Shadow Man
24. Attack Point
25. Moon Of The Princess
26. Tears Of Soldier
27. Forever (Carry On – Pf Ver.)
28. Flower Garden
29. The Justice
30. Trick
31. War Of The Fire
32. Old Market
33. Bloody Warrior
34. Bad Table
35. I Am Woodalchi (String Ver.)
36. Move And Run (String Ver.)
37. Faith Main Title (Main Title- String Ver.)

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