[News] Son Ye-jin and Kim Kap-soo some back as father and daughter.

[News] Son Ye-jin and Kim Kap-soo some back as father and daughter.
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Kim Kap-soo and Son Ye-jin have completed filming "The Accomplice".

Son and Kim's movie "The Accomplice" has finished filming and is looking forward to release early next year.

Comprised of beauty and talent, Son Ye-jin showed the deep acting of a character who goes through a dramatic mental change. Da-eun, is a reporter wannabe who was brought up with so much love from her father that she didn't mind the fact about her mother having passed away when she was young.

She coincidentally hears the voice of a criminal and starts suspecting the father who has sacrificed everything for her his whole life and starts tracking down the truth. Son Ye-jin concentrated extremely hard on her character and analyzed her scenario and falls into the dilemma of whether to trust her father or not.

Kim Kap-soo takes on the role of Soon-man who sacrifices anything and everything for his loving daughter. He is a mysterious character who erases everything he did in the past but faces a new situation when his daughter starts suspecting him. Living the second peak of his life with dramas and movies, Kim Kap-soo shows undying fatherly love for his daughter in this movie.

Lim Hyeong-joon takes on the bad character role who has the key to Soon-man's past. Lee Gyu-han acted as Son Ye-jin's Jae-kyeong and Jo-an is Bo-ra, Son Ye-jin's friend.

"The Accomplice" is about the daughter of a man who starts realizing that her loving father may be a huge criminal with an even bigger past.

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