[Photo & News] "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun in a Hanbok.

[Photo & News] "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun in a Hanbok.
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"The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun has found fun in playing with her cat.

Kim So-eun takes on the role of Princess Sook-hwi on the MBC drama "The Horse Healer". She seems to have completely fallen in love with the cat that is her pet in the drama in which she is an animal lover.

Pictures show her having a fun time with the cat. She is looking and smiling at the cat with affection in her eyes and she looks lovely smiling in her costumes.

She looks like the princess she is supposed to be, dressed neatly in her Hanbok and looking elegant.

Kim So-eun is well known to love her actual pet cat Koon and she can be seen takin care of the cat in between breaks and creates actual team work with the cat.

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