[Photo & News] Movie poster for ‘Judas’ wows with the beautiful Misaki Ayame and an expensive outfit.

[Photo & News] Movie poster for ‘Judas’ wows with the beautiful Misaki Ayame and an expensive outfit.
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On October 28th, the official movie poster for the upcoming movie ‘Judas‘ was released and features starring actress Misaki Ayame donning accessories worth around 30,000,000 Yen (375,000 USD).

She has a good reason to be dolled up that much, after all ‘Judas’ is the movie adaptation of Tachibana Kurumi’s best-selling auto-biography. For those who don’t know her, Tachibana used to be a legendary female hostess and now works as a talento in various TV shows. More than 3,000 women auditioned to play her role in the movie and Misaki came out as the winner.

Misaki herself is already a very charismatic woman herself, but she truly managed to transform into the protagonist with an exclusive collection of accessories, including a ring with a ruby worth 28,000,000 Yen (350,000 USD) alone, and a showy dress made up of plenty of jewels.

The movie follows the senior high school student ‘Erika’ (Misaki) who impulsively decided to become a hostess. She uses the alias ‘Kurumi’ when working as a hostess and gradually manages to rise up to the top in the world of glittering nightlife and desire. Eventually she becomes the number one hostess, earns an incredible amount of money and starts to reign over this world from the top. At the same time the feeling of isolation and anxiety inside her heart keeps on growing stronger, but one day she meets the man who is able to fulfill her from the inside as well.

Additionally to Misaki, the cast of is made up of Aoyagi Sho, Mizuhashi Kenji, Tajima Yusei, NorA, Suzuki Ryohei, Aoyama Noriko, and Itao Itsuji.

Otomi Izumi (co-director of ‘Crows Zero’) is the director and the scriptwriter of this movie and received the approval and trust of Tachibana herself.

‘Judas’ is slated for a release on January 26th, 2013.

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