[Interview & News] Jakarta’s First Press Night With Lee Seung Gi.

[Interview & News]  Jakarta’s First Press Night With Lee Seung Gi.
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There’s always a first time for everything, and the first humble and beatufiul beginnings started one fine evening on 3 November 2012, as Lee Seung Gi, a multii-talented entertainer spanning from MCing, actor, a great part of variety shows and his main profession as a singer, arrived and greeted all his Indonesian Airens (which, not to mention Airens from Malaysia and Singapore were heard here) in Mal Taman Anggrek atrium! It was indeed a public press conference where everyone are invited to peer in to the main atrium to see the buzz, all created by Munial Sport Group, the promoter that presents this Korean’s national brother to town. It was, to their new and forward proposals, to not only work within the sports world but to keep in touch with the nation’s current demands.
“Welcome to Jakarta!” I greeted before asking questions. “Thank you, I am very excited to be here!” he replied in fluent English.
And so, the first night began with Airens welcome and their mothers as well who knew who he was by viewing his currently airing drama, also starring with Ha Ji Won, “King 2 Hearts” on local channel Indosiar, to see the star for themselves.

The Natural Charmer

Apa kabar Indonesia, selamat malam! Saya Lee Seung Gi,” he opened, meaning ‘How are you Indonesia, good evening! My name is Lee Seunggi’. The moment he stepped out of the backstage tent, the entire atrium went in wild cheers, especially the lucky Airens who got to attend the press conference zone with the media.
He was a definite charm for his first visit, as the CEO of Munial Sport Group (MSG) Mulyawan Munial’s sharing that “through Twitter, Airens had persisted their request to make Seung-gi here, stay here for a week,” which caused laguther and eruption of cheers.
The public press conference, held at the same place the multi-talented entertainer’s fanmeet cum mini-concert (4/11) didn’t budge him – he looked stunning, composed, and looked most comfortable as if he had felt the love he has received from all the audience around the mall, with the majority of ladies spanning from the younger generation to the mothers, due to the dramas he acted in. With his simple sweet smile, everyone just fell for his warm and frank personality that certainly is not found in a lot of stars. So approachable, we think he’s certainly the brother next door all Eomchina will definitely be proud of, not to mention the welcome in a foreign country, which he truly notes, “I am truly happy to finally arrive and be here, to all the ladies and gentlemen and fans in Indonesia.”
It shows this label in the first few questions inquired by the press. He’s noted as the youngest national graduate with an Economics degree, and he also ventures into other entertainment streams apart from his singing career. How does he maintain the balance and why he had also left TV activities?

The Grounded Musician

“The reason why I left all my TV activities from MCing to Variety is because of my singing career. I am currently focusing myself back in the scene, so please look out for this month as my mini-album will be released, and I am planning a solo concert in Korea in December,” he shared his plans.
Naturally, we would think that his songs will be all ballads, sweet lyrics, and a soft tune, his forte in music. But this time, he notes: “The concept for this album is simple: I want my music to be perfect as the first music a person listens when they wake up, and before bed-time, so it’s all nice, relaxing tunes everyone can enjoy.”
Look forward to his live activities as he will be back on the music stage soon with his title track and solo concert, we do miss him on the mike serenading to all, just like the request made at the press conference as Seung Gi asks to the MC if there were any song requests for the next day fanmeet.
“WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Everyone shouted. The singer laughed, “OK! I will sing it tomorrow,” while the MC jokingly said “you wish!” as the fans wanted more than just the song title.

The National Brother

In conjunction with the current National Exams Indonesian students are partaking, I asked the Bachelor degree holder to say a few words of encouragement for it.
But who knew, that he was flabbergasted by the question, then chuckled in embarrassment to say, “I’m truly sorry, but I am not the right person to be the one saying a few words of motivation… it’s because i used to be a pretty bad student and I am not smart,” laughing while remembering his days.
Why is that so?
“I am wanting to do my Masters degree, but because it has been a while since I have graduated, my brain has froze; I need a super petrol for my brain so it can start working academically!” which needs to receive a salute to his academic ambition, seen in no other entertainment figures.
As down-to-earth and truthful as he is, more audience out there fell for this charm indeed. They expect more from him not just singing, especially with the recent rumor of Kang Ho Dong‘s comeback, his variety partner-in-crime.

“If I were to be given a chance, Kang Ho Dong, as you all know is my best friend and best partner I can ever ask. If he returns and we have a project I will gladly jump in immediately for production.”
Rest assured for all variety fans, we hope for the chubby MC to make a positive return with the genius goose here, as he will be back on the small screen with his upcoming drama “Ancient Medical Book“, where he becomes half human, and half animal (sense it, it’s the nine tailed fox Gumiho!)
Now that’s what to expect from the South Korean National Brother where he started his career with his hit single “She Is Mine” during the popularity where older women dates younger men. We look forward to his appearance for his first fanmeeting in Indonesia. VVIP ticket holders will also get a chance to take a solo photo together with him, so that is one unforgettable moment to see!

Special thanks to Munial Sport Group for the invitation.

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