[News] 2AM’s Lim Seulong Hopes to be a Charming Actor.

[News] 2AM’s Lim Seulong Hopes to be a Charming Actor.
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With both a concert and movie to look forward to in the near future, 2AM′s Lim Seulong revealed his appealing charms through a photo shoot with fashion magazine Elle Girl.

Similar to his policeman role in his upcoming movie, 26 Years, Lim Seulong dressed in a military look with fur jackets and coats, fitting for the cold winter season.

Despite his foot injury, Lim Seulong carried on like a pro during the shoot, earning the respect of the staff members.

During the interview, Lim Seulong talked a bit about his movie and his new outlook as an actor.

“I learned a lot while filming 26 Years,” said Lim Seulong. “The most important thing I learned was that I have to take care of the other actors, the staff, and the people who helped to create the move.”

When asked about what kind of hope he carries as an aspiring actor, Lim Seulong replied, "Like Ryan Gosling, even though I’m not handsome, I want to be a charming actor."

He added, "I want to let my eyes see many things and be a detailed actor, who fits well with melodrama."

Lim Seulong′s pictorial and interview will be available in the December issue.

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