[News] Han Ji Hye Fans Send 5 Ton Food Truck to ‘May Queen’ Set.

[News]  Han Ji Hye Fans Send 5 Ton Food Truck to ‘May Queen’ Set.
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 Han Ji Hye′s fans have warmed up the hearts of the cast and crew of her MBC drama, May Queen.

On November 18, a five-ton food truck emerged at the drama’s filming set in Ulsan, surprising the cast and crew.

It was revealed, Han Ji Hye′s fans had pooled their resources together to send the food truck on behalf of the actress and to treat the entire cast and crew to a warm meal for lunch.

With LED lights flashing the message, ‘Today Heh Joo is treating everyone. Please have a delicious meal’, a buffet laden with 12 different kinds of food was set out for everyone.

Many of the staff members remarked on the food truck’s size saying it was the largest food truck they had ever seen and shared their compliments and gratitude to Han Hye Jin and her fans.

The incident isn’t the first time Han Ji Hye′s fans have shown their encouragement and support for the drama production and even last week had sent rice cakes and beverages to the entire set.

Han Ji Hye proudly shared, “I’m so touched by the fans′ present. It’s because of my fans I can be this strong. I will work hard to return the love the fans have sent to me.”

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