[News] ‘Iris 2’ Production Kicks Off Filming in Hungary.

[News] ‘Iris 2’ Production Kicks Off Filming in Hungary.
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Iris 2 has kicked off its Hungary shooting.

The production recently held a big shooting in Budapest’s Szechenyi Chain Bridge.

Temporarily blocking both lanes of the famed suspension bridge, the large-scale production began as curious bystanders got a first look at the cast members shooting their major action scene in their city.

The drama’s production reflected on how the success of the past Iris series had enabled them to hold such a big production saying, “In the first series, even blocking off one lane of the Szechenyi Chain Bridge would have been unfathomable. However, due to the success of Iris globally, the Hungary tourism agency agreed to allow Iris 2’s shoot there as we pour in everything we have here.”

Starring Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Bum Soo and more, the sequel’s storyline takes off three years after the events of Iris and will premieres on KBS in February.

In addition to Hungary, the drama is planning shoots in Cambodia, Japan and other locations abroa

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