[News] Joo Won Receives About $630 For Monthly Allowance.

[News]  Joo Won Receives About $630 For Monthly Allowance. 
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Recently earning the title “top star” for bringing in high ratings for dramas “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” and  “Bridal Mask” and variety show “1 Night 2 Days,” Joo Won revealed that he currently has a monthly allowance of 700,000 won (roughly $630).

On November 20, he made a guest appearance in tvN eNEWS’ special corner “Star Interview” and confessed how much he’s allowed to spend each month. He explained, “My parents handle my increasing income. I receive 700,000won as allowance from them. The only time I really need money is during ‘1 Night 2 Days’ company dinner. Whenever I pay for dinner, the hyungs are very considerate and only eat naengmyun.”

He revealed that he is a filial son by sharing, “I let my parents buy whatever they need with the money.”
Joo Won shared about his hard times in the past. “During my days as a musical actor, I received 2,000,000won (roughly $1800) for 8 months. I wouldn’t have any money left after using it up for transportation and food. Whenever there were company meetings or friend gatherings, I wouldn’t be able to go home because the buses stopped running. I even had to receive taxi fare money and some money for food from fans back then.”

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