[News] Joo Won starts shooting '7th Grade Civil Servant' new TV series.

[News] Joo Won starts shooting '7th Grade Civil Servant' new TV series.
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Joo Won recently started shooting a new TV series and made people eagerly anticipate his new character.

He started shooting MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series '7th Grade Civil Servant', which will start airing in January of 2013, on November 23.

Joo Won and Ha Si Eun arrived on the set early in the morning to shoot the series. Joo Won plays the role of a mean and irritable man named Han Gil Ro. He received favorable reviews from the production crew by showing off his talented performing skill.

Producer Kim Sang Hyeop advised actors about their facial expressions and poses. He even arranged the props on the set and said, “I will show my passion and ambition as a young producer.”

After shooting the first scene of the series, Joo Won said, “Shooting the first scene is always exciting. I enjoyed the shooting and I think it will be a fun job.”

The series is about NIS rookie agents and their romance and conflicts. Besides Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee, Hwang Chan Sung, and Kim Min Seo will appear on the series.

The series will air after the current airing series 'I Miss You' goes off air next year.

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