[News] Jung Woo-sung talks about Lee Ji-ah relationship.

[News] Jung Woo-sung talks about Lee Ji-ah relationship.
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Actor Jung Woo-sung told all about his short love affair with Lee Ji-ah during taping of the return episodes of Kang Ho-dong’s “Knee-drop Guru.”

In a two-part series which will begin on Nov. 29, Jung apparently said he knew well in advance that his girlfriend of last year was once married to rocker Seo Taiji.

A source close to Lee confirmed with Yonhap on Nov. 28 that it was indeed true that Jung knew of the whole ordeal before the public announcement about E and Seo’s marriage from 10 years ago broke for the first time last year.

“She told Jung Woo-sung as soon as they began dating and he knew all about it,” said the source.

Although Jung and Lee also tried to keep their relationship a secret, when a picture of the two on a trip to Paris surfaced online early last year, everyone found out.

Then another bombshell hit the entertainment world in April when the fact that Lee and Seo tied the knot 15 years ago in the United States. The two filed for divorce in L.A back in 2006.

When Jung and Lee broke up short after the secret marriage news, the public just assumed Jung couldn’t handle the truth.

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