[News] Kang Dong-won is released today!


[News] Kang Dong-won is released today!
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Kang Dong-won has completed his 2 years of duty.

Kang has served duty as a public relations officer in the Seoul Public Institute of Public Health and Environment.

When he was admitted into the army, he avoided all the media and fans and secretly went inside. His agency announced that there wasn't going to be any official press conference or anything like that even on the day of release.

Kang Dong-won starred in many movies such as, "Temptation of Wolves", "Our Happy Time", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" and more. Several movie companies have been struggling to get Kang in their next projects.

Meanwhile, the most likely movie Kang will return with is "Archipelago" starring Ha Jeong-woo.
Meanwhile, Kang is being discharged from the army on the 6th of December and many wonder what he will come back with.

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