[News] Lee Byung Hun Approved of the Mention of Lee Min Jung at the ′Daejong Film Awards′.

[News] Lee Byung Hun Approved of the Mention of Lee Min Jung at the ′Daejong Film Awards′.
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Son Seok Woo, head of Lee Byung Hun′s BH Entertainment, opened up about what Lee Byung Hun said about his win at the Daejong Film Awards...and his lover Lee Min Jung.

At the auditions for the play Masquerade held on October 31, Son Seok Woo met with enews to talk about how the film became a play and about what happened at the Daejong Film Festival held on the day before.

When asked whether Lee Byung Hun knew about Son Seok Woo′s mention of ′his lover′ while he was accepting the award on his behalf, Son Seok Woo said, "He said I did good (Laugh). He said he would′ve said the same himself if he had been there to accept the award."

At the 49th Daejong Film Awards, Lee Byung Hun won the Popularity Award and Best Lead Actor Award. Because he was in London at the time to shoot his film Red 2, he sent his agency rep Son Seok Woo to accept the award on his behalf.

Son Seok Woo said onstage at the time, "If Lee Byung Hun had been here, I believe he would′ve had some last words to say for his lover." "We had actually been talking to each other through text messaging even during the first half of the ceremony," he added. "After winning the Popularity Award, we had given up on the Best Lead Actor Award. Still, I asked him what he would say if he did win the award, but he said he didn′t believe he would win and that he would write his name with his butt later. We joked around like that and just enjoyed the festival."

"I hadn′t prepared anything to say, so I felt blank onstage. We′ve worked together for a long time, however, so I just said the things I thought he would say himself. I called him because I was worried the couple would feel uncomfortable, but he told me I did good."

The second round of auditions for the play Masquerade, held from October 29-31, drew 500 contestants. The play will confirm its cast through another round of interviews, then be performed onstage from February 23, 2013.

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