[News] Lee Byung Hun Narrates for SBS Documentary ‘End of the Empire’.

[News] Lee Byung Hun Narrates for SBS Documentary ‘End of the Empire’.
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Lee Byun Hun has become a narrator for an SBS documentary.

The actor’s agency revealed on November 14 that the actor would narrate for the upcoming SBS documentary End of the Empire.

The documentary explores the limitless competition and greed within capitalism and the direction and values a society must hold.

A source from the documentary’s production shared, “With a theme exploring what it is we really want in life, the narrating voice we automatically thought of was Lee Byung Hun, who recently portrayed the kind of king that we wanted. Thanks to his grave voice, we believe a great production was able to come forth through his narration.”

Lee Byung Hun also shared his praise on the documentary saying, “Like King Gwang Hae from the movie, Masquerade, the movie explores the world we live in and the dreams and values of the people in it in a goose bump-inducing and thrilling production.”

The four-part series will premiere on November 18 on SBS.

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