[News] Lee Min Ho finds Filipino fans warm, friendly.

[News] Lee Min Ho finds Filipino fans warm, friendly.
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MANILA, Philippines – Being in touch with his fans worldwide is something Korean superstar Lee Min Ho truly treasures.

Lee, who was tapped by local clothing line Bench to be one of its international endorsers, said his supporters keep him grounded and at the same time make him want to become better at what he does.

“The fact that I have fans around the world gives me confidence because my job as an actor can be a very unstable one. It can have a very short life span. But the fact that I have support from my fans helps me concentrate on my job and I feel very good about it,” he said.

Lee, who became an actor at the age of 19, said he is grateful that he could use various social networking sites to be in touch with his fans across the world.

Because of Twitter, Lee said that he felt close to his Filipino fans even before coming to the country for the first time.

“Filipinos are so warm and friendly and they are known worldwide with that. I feel like if I have to come [to the Philippines] and visit, it will always be like vacation, a relaxing experience,” he said.

Lee, meanwhile, shared what he thinks about the worldwide popularity of the phenomenal dance hit "Gangnam Style" and Korean culture in general.

“It makes me very proud as a Korean because this is the first time that something so big has been a hit worldwide. It feels like this is something that helps out all the other Korean celebrities and Psy is doing that right now," he said.

Personally, Lee said he was into the the song "Gangnam Style" early on and it’s something that he listened to quite a bit when it first came out.

Part of Bench family

Meanwhile, Lee said he feels elated to finally be part of the Bench family. He said he is honored to endorse a brand which plays a role on the international stage.

“It sounds like Bench is playing a huge role in bridging Korea and the Philippines. As an endorser of the brand, I feel like I have to do my best in whatever I have to do because as an endorser, I am also representing Korea,” he said.

Asked what he thinks is the best thing about endorsing Bench, the “Boys Over Flowers” star said: “The best thing about being a Bench endorser is I have so many huge billboards with my face on it.”
The actor-model also shared that he accepted Bench’s offer because he has personal confidence in the brand.

He said Bench’s style and image actually fits who he really is as a celebrity and as an actor.
“I think the connection that I have with Bench is our broad appeal and it’s global brand. I feel like I also have that kind of appeal, a broad one, a global one,” he said.

Fashion sense

As for his fashion style, Lee said he is the kind of guy who loves wearing dark-colored clothes. He said the fitting of the clothes is also equally important.

While he does not look up to anyone in particular when it comes to fashion, Lee said he takes interest in looking at what other people are wearing.

Apart from wearing nice clothes, another thing which Lee is very particular with is his hair.

“Normally if I’m not working, I like to look like I never really try – styling it to look like it wasn’t styled. But when I’m attending a function, if I’m going to be part of an event, then I’m going put an effort into it. But basically, I think the most important thing is to be appropriate whatever the occasion is,” he said.

Lee arrived in Manila on Thursday afternoon for a four-day visit in the country.

Dubbed a “GlobalBenchSetter,” Lee is set to meet his Filipino fans on November 16 in a "Fun Meet" organized by Bench at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Aside from Lee, two other Korean stars Si Won and Dong Hae of the group Super Junior also visited the country. The two are also among the roster of Bench's international endorsers.

Other foreign endorsers of the local clothing line are Filipino-Mexican-American singer Jessica Sanchez, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth, Disney-grown singer Joe Jonas, and American TV stars Lucy Hale and Michael Trevino.

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