[News] Park Yuchun Shows off JYJ Members’ Strong Support for New Melodrama.

[News] Park Yuchun Shows off JYJ Members’ Strong Support for New Melodrama.
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K-pop group JYJ member and actor Park Yuchun has boasted his tight friendship with the other group members.

The “Rooftop Prince” star bragged about how supportive and caring the other JYJ members are to him, at the press conference of his forthcoming MBC's series “Missing You” [tentative title], at Lotte Hotel Seoul in Korea on November 1.

“I met Jae-joong and Junsu last night, and Jae-joong told me to take good care of my health since the weather's getting cold. They also embraced me hard [as if they know how difficult shootings in the winter can get],” Park said with a shy smile.

When asked whether he feels okay to star in the competing drama to KBS’ current hit “The Innocent Man,” in which Kim Junsu sang its original soundtrack “Love Is Like A Snowflake,” the star answered the question with calm manner saying he likes the tune very much and even listened to it in his car this morning.

In his fourth small screen project after making successful debut with KBS’ “SungKyunKwan Scandal” two years ago, Park will turn into a manly detective named Han Jeong-woo who has cheerful character yet hides unhealed scars from his first love 15 years ago.

Park described his character’s charm as someone “in between being gentle and cold-hearted .” He also expressed his hope that the audiences can spend warmer winter by watching the hot drama.

Starring Yoon Eun-hye, Yoo Seung-ho and Jang Mi In Ae, the serious melodrama will tell the story of detective Han and fashion designer Lee Soo-yeon [played by Yoon] who live with broken hearts from their first love.

Written by scenarist Moon Hee-jung of "Listen To My Heart" (MBC, 2011), the new melodrama is set to fill in the MBC's Wednesday and Thursday primetime slot from November 7 at 10 p.m. in local time.

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