[News] TVB Plans to End "JSG Awards", Takes Lead in Joining Music Awards into One.

[News] TVB Plans to End "JSG Awards", Takes Lead in Joining Music Awards into One.
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TVB's JSG Best Ten Music Presentation started in 1984, with 28 years of history to date, but this will be its final year. TVB intends to give up their annual "JSG Awards" and join the other three radio stations (CRHK, RTHK, Metro) for a single music award presentation. This year's "Most Popular Male and Female Singer" award winners could possibly be the last "JSG" Pop King and Queen ever. CRHK expressed Chik Chak music awards will still go on, but will consider TVB's suggestion. It appears TVB's idea of combining the music awards into one is having difficulty moving forward.

Yesterday reporters contacted TVB non-drama production director, Sandy Yu, to confirm if 2012 is the final year of JSG Awards ? She expressed: "In principle, yes this is the final year of the JSG Awards, but basically the decision hasn't been made yet." Sandy said a joint music awards show had been in discussion for many years, but an agreement had never been reached. This time, TVB takes the lead and the first step to discuss with the other three radio stations. Two meetings had already been held in relation to this proposal. I believe there will still be, at least, ten more rounds of discussion. It's not exactly that we aren't getting anywhere, actually we are making some progress."

Sandy hopes to hold the official joint music awards presentation by 2013. For this year's 2012 JSG awards, there are plans for a 100% public voting system, but for now TVB must prepare for the TVB Awards public voting system first. Sandy expressed the purpose of the joint music awards is in hope to do something for the Hong Kong music industry. The hope is to increase the creditability of the Pop King/Queen awards and gain better recognition from the public. "The Hong Kong Film Awards represents the HK film scene and its not each film production company holds their own award show. There are currently several music award shows; based on the award winners, most of the attention is focused around which record company is favored most by that music award organizer. This kind of situation is silly!"

Since 2009, TVB and HKRIA have been disputing over the music royalty fees. During this period, the singers under the Big 5 record companies could not go on TVB and had absolutely no chance to get the awards. Because of this, the creditability of JSG Awards declined. Sandy denied the plan to end JSG Awards was due to the lack of singers attending their award show. She stressed it is done for the Hong Kong music industry. JSG will continue to promote HK music, but JSG will not have its own award show.

Regarding to TVB's suggestion to combine the four station music award shows into one, RTHK supports the idea, but more discussion is needed; CRHK expressed Chik Chak will go on, but they will consider TVB's suggestion. In principle, CRHK supports TVB's suggestion, but the mechanism of the award show still needs discussion. Metro Radio has not responded.

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