[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho says, “My parents manage my income”.

[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho says, “My parents manage my income”.
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Lee Min Ho recently talked about how he manages his income.

In an interview, which was conducted during his photo shoot for the December issue of the lifestyle magazine @Star1, which will be published on November 21, Lee said, “My parents manage my income, so I know nothing about it.”

Regarding his dream as a young man, Lee said, “I want to go backpacking all around the world. I want to make a plan for the trip by myself and go.”

Regarding types of characters he wants to play, he said, “I’d like to portray a rebellious character. I want to portray a variety of characters that I can portray at my age.”

During the photo shoot, Lee was praised by the crew for having smile on his face throughout the photo shoot despite the cold weather.

The interview with Lee can be seen in the December issue of @Star1.

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