[Photo & News] So Ji Sub says, “I also play games”.

[Photo & News] So Ji Sub says, “I also play games”.
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Actor So Ji Sub recently talked about the smartphone game Anipang.

So recently did a photo shoot for the fashion magazine High Cut and gave an interview to the magazine.
So says, “Because so many people around me are playing Anipang, I also play it sometimes. The highest score I achieved was 159,000 points, but I don’t like looking at my cell phone all the time when I’m with my family, close friends, or girlfriend.”

So also says, “People feel love when they touch each other’s skin, but today’s people do not have much conversation, and they fall in love with their smartphones, instead. I think people need more physical affection.”

In the pictorial, So is posing as if he’s hooking a woman’s underwear. He’s also showing off a manly look in a picture of himself reclining on a bed.

The pictorial can be seen in the volume 90 of High Cut, which will be published on November 15. Other unreleased photos will be released on the official website of the magazine.

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