[News] Lee Seung Gi is spotted shooting Running Man.

[News]  Lee Seung Gi is spotted shooting Running Man.
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Lee Seung Gi was recently spotted shooting Running Man.
A picture of Lee shooting SBS TV’s Running Man was recently uploaded on an online community board.
According to reports, Lee, in a red padded jacket, conducted a mission, teaming up with Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Gwang soo. People also said, “Lee Seung Gi is shooting Running Man in my town.” “I saw Lee Seung Gi at Gangnam Station.”

At the news that Lee will appear on Running Man, reported on November 12, Lee attracted a lot of attention because the show airs at the same time with Two Days and One Night, a show that Lee had appeared on for a long time. Lee’s agency reported, “Lee Seung Gi will appear on the show as a guest to promote his new album and concert. Two Days and One Night doesn’t invite guests, and the show didn’t even ask us to appear on the show, so it’s not that Lee Seung Gi chose Running Man instead of Two Days and One Night.

Lee will release a new album on November 22 and hold concerts at the end of this year. He will also shoot a historical drama series, Goo Ga Eui Seo.

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