[VOD / Photo & News] Korean Film “Azooma” Invited to 3 Intl’ Film Festivals.

[VOD / Photo & News] Korean Film “Azooma” Invited to 3 Intl’ Film Festivals.
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Korean drama pic “Azooma,” a story about a mother's tearful revenge against social crimes, is garnering attention from global movie fans.

The mother’s revenge pic has invited to the 6th Costa Rica International Film Festival, which will be held in Montezuma, Costa Rica between November 9 and 13, the pic’s production firm Cinema Factory said in press release Wednesday.

Korean actress Jang Young-nam’s maternal love story is then flying to the United States to be screened at the 2012 Nevada Film Festival in Last Vegas late November and jump to Beloit, Southern city of Wisconsin where the film will be played at the 2013 Beloit International Film Festival next February.

Premiered in this year’s Busan International Film Festival, “Azooma,” which refers to a married woman in Korean, goes around insurance saleswoman Yoon young nam [played by Jang] who finds her 10-year-old daughter raped on her way home.

She confronts the indifference of the police and her husband while going through a series of failures to catch the criminal. The mother finally determines to catch the criminal by herself.

Meanwhile, “Don’t Cry Mommy,” another sex crime movie by director Kim Yong-han, will open in local theaters in the first half of 2013.

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