[Interview] Han Hye Jin Says She Starred in ′26 Years′ to Act.

[Interview] Han Hye Jin Says She Starred in to Act.
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These days, Han Hye Jin is the subject of much political controversy and concern, just because she starred in one film.

The lead actress of the film 26 Years said that, in a time when issues with the history of the nation have come to light due to the upcoming Presidential elections for Korea, she is sad that "a film isn′t taken as merely a film."

Why, then, did she feel so attached to the film 26 Years, and why did she push forward with her decision to appear in it? Enews met with the actress to hear her answers.
Han Hye Jin up close

"My thoughts still haven′t changed."

She was calm yet determined regarding opinions that her film was a political one or that it had been made for political purposes.

She said, "It′s a film that, aside from the political issues, shows a corner of our history which died out for no reason. Please take the film merely as a film."

She is known to be a kind and considerate actress. As the issue was a serious one, however, she took a different stance. She believed in the road she had taken, and pushed forth with those beliefs.

How does it feel now that you′ve seen the film?

"I′ve seen it twice. The director and other actors all agreed; it′s a film that makes you want to watch it again and again. When I watched it for the first time, the animations in the beginning were so strong that I couldn′t concentrate because of my surprise. When I watched it for the second time, however, I found some things I didn′t notice the first time around. It leaves behind many emotions, and it makes me feel sad."

It seems ′26 Years′ means something special to Han Hye Jin.

"After the preview, the oppas (big brothers) beside me [such as Jin Goo or Bae Soo Bin] were all crying, and so was I. No one could speak; we were busy sobbing. It was different from other films. Everyone looked at each other with eyes full of sympathy. It was the first time a film had lingered for so long."

I was impressed with the line ′Dad, just die.′

"It was my first shoot. I don′t know how many times I read the script; I couldn′t understand how that child must have felt. I wasn′t even there during 5.18 (the May 18 Gwangju democracy movement), but my heart broke at how the character must have felt when the father who had been a burden to her died like that."

The film is said to be a political one both because of its timing and its content.

"Actually, a lot of people told me before the interview to ′be careful,′ but I just said whatever was on my mind. I′m sad that our film could be used for political means, or that it could be involved in such issues. Politics? No, this is a film that, outside all of that, shows a corner of history in which so many people died. It′s a film which has us share its pain. I hope no one sees it as a political film."

Because of such concerns, many were also worried about you, the lead. Were you worried yourself?

"I believe in my decisions, and follow them to the end. I just chose the piece because I wanted to act as an actress. I′m not afraid even if trouble may come because I starred in this film. The truth behind that also will be unveiled someday. I believed in that thought."

It must have been a hard time. Who supported you the most?

"My family helped me the most. My father and my mother always give me good advice. They believe that there′s always a reason behind what their Hye Jin does.... My sisters also comforted me and told me not to worry, since I made the decision."

Why have you become to attached to ′26 Years′?

"My feelings? I think it′s because I related to it a lot. I understood, and I related to it; I really wanted to try it out. When actors meet good scenarios, they always become anxious. The film is based on a historical event, but I would be lying if I said I thought anything of its meaning. The film was just a piece I wanted to star in as an actress."

Do you hope that ′26 Years′ will have an effect on the Presidential elections?

"I just hope the film comforts the families of the deceased. If it does affect the elections, I hope it has a positive effect. I hope it isn′t used for any one side, or used to mislead."

It seems you often go on volunteer work overseas.

"I have many opportunities because I′m the honorary ambassador for World Vision. Since I can see for myself what I′m doing while I work, it makes me feel prouder. One of the chlidren I support even got married. I think it′s great to be with an organization that helps me help others directly."

You′ve taken on a lot of strong roles; are there any other character types you would like to try in the future?

"I hope to take on characters that have clear and definite personalities. I also hope they would be strong; I′m very attracted to evil roles, like the role Lee Young Ae sunbae (senior) took in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. ′You take care of yourself~′ I like that line (Laugh)."

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