[News] Fujiwara Norika to star in an “intense love drama” with Watabe Atsuro.

[News] Fujiwara Norika to star in an “intense love drama” with Watabe Atsuro.
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On December 5th, premium TV network WOWOW announced that actress Fujiwara Norika (41) and actor Watabe Atsuro (44) will be starring in their upcoming drama serial ‘Onna to Otoko no Nettai‘.

‘Onna to Otoko no Nettai’ is going to be a suspenseful six-parter about the heated, literally ‘tropical’ (‘nettai’) love relationship between a man and a woman who gradually approach the darker side of society. Fujiwara is playing a competent TV reporter, while Watabe is a source for one of her stories.

Fujiwara, whose last starring role in a drama dates back to ‘Chance‘ (NHK) in 2010, was completely taken away by the profound script, which was written by the late Nozawa Hisashi (‘A Sleeping Forest’, ‘Kekkon Zenya’). She commented, “(While reading the script) It was a damp, sweaty and blurry sensation. I was truly able to feel the tropical atmosphere between the man and the woman. (Now that I’m in my forties), I’d like to captivate the viewers with a poisonous and intense drama that is overflowing with mature charms.

Watabe stated, “I’d like us both to put all of our strength into the filming and have a great time together.” Fujiwara added, “We want to show you a real adult love story.
WOWOW is going to broadcast ‘Onna to Otoko no Nettai’ every Sunday at 10:00 pm. The first episode is slated to air on January 20th, 2013.

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