[News] Fukuyama Masaharu to provide theme song for drama ‘Tonbi’.

[News] Fukuyama Masaharu to provide theme song for drama ‘Tonbi’.
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It’s been revealed that Fukuyama Masaharu’s new song, “Tanjoubi ni wa Masshiro na Yuri wo“, has been picked up as the theme song for Uchino Masaaki’s upcoming drama series, ‘Tonbi‘ ( scheduled to air every Sunday at 9:00 pm on TBS).

Fukuyama received a request from producer Ishimaru Akihiko to create “a song that will make one have feelings to return to their hometown.” As such, for the very first time, Fukuyama wrote a song with his parents in mind. He commented, “I’ve always wanted to turn my feelings towards my mother and father into something, so I did my best to write it without being embarrassed. Even though we’re apart, I turned my expression of love into a song.”

Even the title is filled with appreciation for his mother as he sends her flowers every year on his birthday. Producer Ishimaru stated, “When I first heard the theme song, the world that Fukuyama-san spins opened up before me. I was very happy that he made a straightforward song.”

‘Tonbi’ is based on a best-selling novel by Naoki Award winner Shigematsu Kiyoshi. It portrays story about a man (Uchino) who raises his son (Sato Takeru) by himself after his wife passes away.

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