[News] “The Horse Doctor” Breaks 20% on Ratings Chart.

 Actor Lee Sang-woo on the set of MBC `The King`s Doctor,` which began airing on October 1, 2012. [MBC]

[News] “The Horse Doctor” Breaks 20% on Ratings Chart.
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The MBC series “The King’s Doctor” has cemented its top status on Monday and Tuesday TV ratings chart, earning over twenty percent of total viewers for the first time.

The period-set series topped the chart for eleventh week in a row after attracting an average of 18.7 percent of viewers during the week of December 24 and 25, TNmS’ [Total National Multimedia Statistics] data showed Wednesday.

In its 26th episode which posted 20.2 percent on Christmas Day, Ji-nyeong [played by Lee Yo-won] found out that her colleague Gwang-hyeon [Cho Seung-woo], is actually her first crush. This was one of the biggest secrets of the drama.

The KBS drama “School 2013” also broke its own record and earned an average 13.2 percent of viewers, especially from teenage audiences and viewers in their forties, both have deep interest in school lives.

At the bottom of the chart was the SBS series “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA,” which posted only 6.9 percent even though the series has two more episodes left to air.

Meanwhile, AGB Nielson Media Research showed the three dramas in the same order with slightly different figures from TNmS’ in the fourth week of December.

“The King’s Doctor” sat at the top position with an average rating of 18.1 percent, while “School 2013” and “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA” followed next with 11.5 and 6.7 percent ratings, respectively.

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