[News] Ji Sung shows a great acting in 'The Great Seer'.

[News] Ji Sung shows a great acting in 'The Great Seer'.
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The TV series The Great Seer has reached its second turning point and the new plot develops with the passionate acting of actor Ji Sung.

In the episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama series The Great Seer that aired on December 26, Ji Sang (played by Ji Sung) who has gone through many difficulties is faced with his unfortunate destiny again; he is blamed to have killed Hyo Myung (played by Lee Young Bum) and his lover Hae In (played by Kim So Yeon) leaves him because of a misunderstanding.

In the freezing weather, the actor was only dressed in a prison garb with a pair of shabby straw shoes. He showed mournful, desperate acting, shedding tears. After the scene went on broadcast, people were astonished and highly praised his outstanding acting. Moreover, as living up to his status as the leading actor of the series, he makes a perfect harmony with every single character of the series, allowing viewers deeply concentrated in the story.

In some of the revealed photos, Ji Sung’s eyes are full of tears and such a mournful scene vividly describes the complicated, desperate situation he is faced with.
In the preview that followed, Ji Sang has his mustache and hair grown long, indicating that some time has passed after that.

The 23rd episode of The Great Seer broadcast at 9:55 p.m. on December 27.

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