[News] Lee Jung Jin Back Hugs Eugene in ‘100 Years’ Legacy’ Preview.

[News] Lee Jung Jin Back Hugs Eugene in ‘100 Years’ Legacy’ Preview. 
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MBC has begun the teasing of its upcoming new drama, 100 Years’ Legacy.

A new still cut was revealed on December 26 showing the drama’s two leads, Eugene and Lee Jung Jin.

Bundled in winter coats, the two are seen in the image standing by the ocean side in winter as Lee Jung Jin tightly embraces Eugene from behind.

The scenes were filmed in Gyeongsangnam-do’s Namhae, where the cast and crew braved the cold winter winds for the shoot.

In the drama, Eugene stars as Min Chae Won, the granddaughter of a long-run, humble noodle house family. She is said to be a lively and bright woman who comes to meet Lee Se Yoon (Lee Jung Jin), the son of a wealthy household who is infamous for his disparaging treatment of all those around him.

The two characters, who both nurse personal wounds from their past romantic relationships, will come to meet each other for the first time, in a special manner, at the ocean side.

100 Years’ Legacy premieres on MBC on January 5. 

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