[News] Moon Geun Young enjoys her date with Nam Gung Min.

[News] Moon Geun Young enjoys her date with Nam Gung Min.
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Moon Geun Young was recently spotted enjoying her date with Nam Gung Min in the middle of the night.

A still picture of the first episode of SBS’s weekend drama series Cheongdamdong Alice (written by Kim Ji Woon, directed by Jo Soo Won) which is to air on December 1 is posted online. Moon Geun Young who plays the character Han Se Kyung is on a date with the counterpart of Nam Gung Min.

The picture shows the two actors enjoying their time together. Though it was shot in the middle of a dark night, it reflects innocent charm of the actress and her clear skin.

Cheondamdong Alice is a TV series with a bright atmosphere in which an ordinary girl Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) is on the project of becoming a daughter-in-law of a wealthy, Cheondamdong family. As the story goes on, it is to remind viewers of the true meaning of marriage.

Viewers are building expectations high on Moon’s acting as she is going to cry and laugh on behalf of her character and because she has not been on a TV series for a while.

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