[News] Moon Geun Young’s Nickname on Set is ‘Santa Clause’.

[News] Moon Geun Young’s Nickname on Set is ‘Santa Clause’.
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It seems actress Moon Geun Young is one of the few who truly understands the saying, ‘To give is better than to receive.’

In the midst of the grueling and around-the-clock filming for her SBS drama Cheongdamdong Alice, it has been reported that Moon Geun Young is acting as one of the production’s largest morale boosters and positive mood makers.

It’s been reported Moon Geun Young often shows up with healthy snacks and treats for the entire staff as she works tirelessly to boost their spirits.

According to one source from the production, “One time, [Moon] Geun Young came early to the set and began passing out persimmons she had cut herself. The persimmons were revealed to be from Geun Young’s parents′ farm, and they plucked the fruits themselves while Geun Young and her grandmother cut up the fruit to be handed out.”

The source added, “Another time, she brought over to the set a whole bunch of tangerines for the crew while at night she bought a mass of treats to perk up the staff as their insulin began running low. These sorts of incidences aren’t once or twice but continual and we’re all grateful for her and her heart.”

Another staff member didn’t hold back the praise either, adding, “Each and every one of Moon Geun Young’s actions is very adult-like. At some point, she became known on our set as ‘Santa Clause.’ One gets to fully understand why shooting a drama is so delightful with her when you work with her.”

Cheongdamdong Alice also stars Park Si Hoo, Kim Ji Suk and premieres on December 1.

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