[News] Yeom Jeong-hwa and Ji Jin-hee's surprise meet.

[News] Yeom Jeong-hwa and Ji Jin-hee's surprise meet.
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Actress Yeom Jeong-ah and Ji Jin-hee went beyond time and captured it on camera.

Yeom Jeong-ah is currently starring in the SBS weekend drama "My Love, Butterfly Lady" and Ji Jin-hee is starring in "The Great Seer" as Lee Seong-gye.

"The Great Seer" is based in the background of the end of the Koryeo times and the beginning of the Chosun during the change of the king. Yeom Jeong-ah is top star Nam Na-bi in the modern day drama, "My Love, Butterfly Lady".

The two are currently in the same agency and have been maintaining their friendship for a long time ever since they met in a movie. They ran into each other on a set last week in SBS and didn't stop to give advise to each other.

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