[Interview] Kim Rae Won Changed His Mind about Acting After ′My Little Hero′

[Interview] Kim Rae Won Changed His Mind about Acting After ′My Little Hero′
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Kim Rae Won. This man became an actor before he became a star. He was much loved for his sly yet cute character in his early 20s, but he didn′t stop there and continued to build his career as an actor in a variety of genres.

He thus became the head of his own entertainment company 17 years into his career. It seemed it was time he could feel more comfortable around acting, but he still had many concerns regarding the issue.
"I was a little regretful after [I watched the movie] at the preview for My Little Hero. It felt like the film didn′t have a definite color. I thought maybe it was because of my acting."

It was surprising that he decided to return to the silver screen for the first time in four years with a piece like My Little Hero. The film was directed by a rookie director, and he had to act with a child actor that had never acted before. Considering how he had co-starred with actresses like Uhm Jung Hwa or Hong Soo Hyun, it was even more unexpected.

"I thought I would have a lot to do. I thought I would do well. At the time, I just wanted to start acting as fast as I could. I also believed in the director, and I wanted to be in the piece with the children."

In the film, the actor transformed into Yoo Il Han, a proud nobody producer. As he had been involved in a troublesome incident a while before, the role could have been dangerous for his image.

"The role has a personality that is completely different from mine. Actually, when I first got the script, Il Han was a serious character. I thought, though, that it would be good to start off the film more lightly and humorously. I asked the director how it would be if I added a little playful haughtiness to the role as long as it didn′t affect his sincerity. If we had gone with the original, Il Han′s inferiority complex would have been expressed better, but it wouldn′t have been fun."
Kim Rae Won starred in films and dramas as the partners of many beautiful top actresses such as Kim Tae Hee, Jung Ryeo Won, Soo Ae, Moon Geun Young and Im Soo Jung, but this time, he met a new type of partner named Ji Dae Han. Ji Dae Han is the child of a multicultural Sri Lankan family, and is a first-time actor.

"I preferred [Ji] Dae Han over those child actors who are awkward around acting because he was clear and pure. He′s very smart. I believe he took up this role as the representative of children from multicultural families. He came out so nicely, and he managed to endure through the shoots that lasted all night as well as the dance and song practices at such a young age."

Would Kim Rae Won, as the head of his own agency, accept Ji Dae Han if he wanted to sign a contract with him?

"I have no reason nor authority to say no if Dae Han wants to be an actor, but I just hope he returns to school for the time being and continues his studies. I told him that the attention he′s getting from the film could fade away with time, so that he shouldn′t be hurt. I then asked him about it a while back and he said he remembers what I said. He′s a child [that′s smart enough to] understand such statements. If he wants to become an actor even after he′s grown up, and if there′s a possibility, I could help him."

Kim Rae Won said he became thirsty for more acting after appearing in this piece. He also said that the criticism he received from the people around him on his failing to appear in impactful roles these days helped him on.

"Up until a few days ago I wanted to take a break for the first half of the year. These days, though, I′ve been wishing to act in a stronger character, and I′ve read through about three scenarios now. I hope I can start filming for one soon. I remember having a great time filming for the drama Snowman with Ms. Gong Hyo Jin. She knows how to work with others, and she knows how to make herself shine in the process. I believe she′ll be a great partner that can fill the things I lack. I hope I can act with her for my next piece."

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