[News] Chun Jung Myun Show Off His Jiu Jitsu Belt.

[News] Chun Jung Myun Show Off His Jiu Jitsu Belt.
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Actor, Chun Jung Myung is all smiles as he earns another stripe on his Jiu jitsu (Brazilian martial art) belt.

On January 7, Chun Jung Myung proudly shows off his Jiu jitsu belt on his Twitter post. He wrote a short caption, “Another stripe is added~ a snap shot celebrating with my masters.”

In the photo, the actor poses with a big smile in his dojo proudly wearing his uniform and pointing at his belt.  It is evident that the number of black stripes he has earned on his belt has gradually increased since he first started.

Bloggers commented, “Wow! Well done Chun Jung Myung!” “He is so handsome,” “This means he is going to be a professional?” and “He is good at everything!”

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