[News] Charmaine Sheh Careless About Her 'Flirting With 4 Men' Headline.

[News] Charmaine Sheh Careless About Her 'Flirting With 4 Men' Headline.
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Last Friday, Michael Miu threw a birthday and 22nd wedding anniversary party for his wife, Jamie Chik, on the special "Love You Forever" day (201314). The party was held at the Happy Valley Racecourse. Many of their good showbiz friends were invited to the party. Yesterday a tabloid magazine (Oriental Sunday) published photos from the party and the cover story was on Charmaine Sheh "releasing electricity" on four men including the married Hu Jun, Michael Tse, Joe Ma and TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam. Charmaine was chatting and laughing closely with the four of them. She appeared closest with Hu Jun, hugging and kissing the cheeks; The "Chok King" Raymond released his "electricity" back at her, while Charmaine grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go; Joe Ma and Michael were just chatting with Charmaine, but got her laughing so hard without restraint.

Yesterday Michael Miu denounced on Weibo that the magazine for twisting the truth, turning a happy party into a story about Charmaine pursuing the guys, "I'm too angry! This was suppose to be a private party to leave beautiful memories for my wife, but the shameless magazine and paparazzi did not consider other people's feelings at all. They randomly took pictures and report a bunch of nonsense. It is simply ridiculous!" Jamie also fought justice for Charmaine on Weibo, "I've known Charmaine for so many years, she is a confidant and optimistic person. She's honest and loyal to her friends. She constantly moves upward in her acting career until where she is at today; it is through all the hard work effort that brought her the accomplishments today. In between, there has been many cases like this one, fabricated reports and stories. Nonsense, can only live up to unlimited support!"

Charmaine responded to both Michael and Jamie, telling them not to be upset. She said to Michael: "3 Gor, don't let these silly reports affect your mood! That night, you made it a memorable night for each and everyone of your guests." Then she said to Jamie: "Thank you 3 So! Relax! I will continue working hard on my jobs, treating my friends sincerely and living my life happily because I am I."

Yesterday Raymond Lam attended the Hong Kong premiere ceremony for his short film Love In the Charm One Minute (愛在魅來1分鐘). When speaking of he and Charmaine on the magazine headlines again, spotted being very close and holding hands at Jamie's party? Raymond said he didn't see the report, but that night he was just having a good time with his friends. He collaborated with Charmaine several times over the years and she's a close friend of his. He thought the report was funny.

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